India is the world’s largest sourcing destination for the information technology (IT) industry, accounting for approximately 52 per cent of the US$ 124-130 billion market. The industry employs about 10 million Indians and continues to contribute significantly to the social and economic transformation in the country.

The IT industry has not only transformed India’s image on the global platform, but has also fuelled economic growth by energising the higher education sector especially in engineering and computer science. India’s cost competitiveness in providing IT services, which is approximately 3-4 times cheaper than the US, continues to be its unique selling proposition (USP) in the global sourcing market(Source: IBEF).

Research solutions

  • Competitor Profiles
  • Channel and partner analysis
  • Channel optimisation
  • Demand forecasting
  • Supplier profiling
  • Concept value testing


  • Segmentation
  • Shopper behaviour
  • Brand tracking
  • Brand equity studies
  • Promotional analytics
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