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Ample Research is pioneer in Custom Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Business Analysis and Surveys to meet the strategic needs.We specialize in medium to large size, quick turnaround tailor-made research projects in varied industry verticals, competing companies, technologies, and market opportunities in goods and services. Our research covers both domestic and global markets, companies, statistics and trends, along with best practices and other unique data. In addition, we assist marketing professionals by identifying prospects and building executive contact lists.

We specialise in the following areas of consulting which helps the marketing team in building right strategies on the key issues of the organisation.

Merger and Acquisition support

Merger and Acquisition Support: The Indian industrial sectors have witnessed tremendous growth in the M&A deals across the stretches of verticals such as food and pharmaceuticals, retail sector, telecom, information technology, automotive and transportation, chemicals and metals. The sudden surge in the growth is owing to the factors such as favourable government policies, economic stability, capital inflow, surge in corporate investments, liberal and dynamic attitude of the Indian companies.

We are qualified professionals , having handled several M&A projects in the various domains and are well versed with the in-depth understanding on important factors and fundamental elements of the M&A process. We can offer the following services for M&A deals.

Merger and Acquisition support

  • Quick understanding on the target industry domain - market value, growth rate, CAGR, drivers and restraints for the growth, competitive analysis, key trends etc. Potential Target Listing with fundamentals such as company overview, history, address etc.
  • Potential Acquisition target profiling with all the credentials of the company such as their product and brand range, manufacturing details, distribution analysis, branding promotion strategy, market mapping, financials, ROC, SWOT analysis, brand and company attractiveness, all compared and rated in sequential order with recommendations.

Strategic Market Analysis

    Competitive Analysis:Strategic Market Analysis: Strategic market analysis helps the organisation to underpin the building blocks of marketing strategies. We provide profound knowledge on the market in terms of:
  • Market growth and opportunities
  • Key industry challenges
  • Key drivers and restraints of the market growth
  • Competitive analysis
  • Forecasts and trends
  • Recommendations based on the major findings

Competitive Analysis

    Competitive Analysis: we are a team of professionals having worked for the competitive strategies of the corporate across the globe. No company operates in a vacuum and benchmarking yourself in the industry is a key to company growth. We help organisations to analyse the industry competitiveness and achieve the following:
  • Identify your position in the industry
  • Benchmark yourself against the competitor
  • Identify the opponent strategies
  • Compare your company growth rate with the industry, competitor growth rate and GDP

Value Chain Analysis

  • Value Chain Analysis: Strategic analysis of the backbone of any organisation, the value chain, is critical to optimise the cost and to leverage the competitive advantage.
  • Optimising Go-To-Market strategies
  • Opportunities to collaborate with the existing channel partners
  • Value chain upgrading strategies.

New entrants to the industry should analyse the existing value chain of the industry and options to upgrade and channelize with existing partners is the key leverage go-to-market strategies. We can do in-depth analysis of the existing value chain and suggest the most cost effective, alternate channel for the new entrants.

Emerging Market Trends/New Technology/Product Analysis

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the 21st century will be marked by the dominance of emerging markets. Emerging markets are anticipated to become equal competitors with mature markets and command more economic and political power. As trade and investment occur across emerging markets, newly emerging markets will flourish.

An explosive combination of large, young, increasingly educated and urban populations with greater levels of disposable income is propelling newly emerging markets forward. Having known the above facts, key industry players have been trying to add new verticals and become conglomerate in the market. We, at Ample Research, constantly track the new technology, product and market trends and update the client with information during consults.

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